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10th August 2021, by Abi Butcher

If yesterday’s IPCC report has unnerved you, Patagonia is offering creatives the chance to help

If yesterday’s IPCC report has unnerved you, Patagonia is offering creatives the chance to help

If yesterday’s climate change report from the IPCC has unnerved you, Patagonia is offering creative types the chance to help.

This evening, at 1800 BST, the outdoor and ski brand Patagonia is hosting a “Skills for Action” event that will inform digital and creative experts, many of whom are passionate skiers and snowboarders, how to volunteer and help grassroots environmental groups.

Patagonia’s Action Works platform matches creative and tech industry professional volunteers with a global network of more than 1000 grassroots, not-for-profit environmental groups — many whom cannot afford to pay for the skills they desperately need for their work.

This evening’s event is being hosted by June Sarpong OBE and Patagonia is calling for any creatives or would-be volunteers who can help in fields such as translations, graphic design, web development, audience research, copy writing and social media.

Beth Thoren, Environmental Action and Initiatives Director for Patagonia EMEA said: “The past 16 months have been extremely challenging for everyone, in a multitude of ways. Environmental NGOs are struggling with reduced funding, whilst seeing the planet shift further and faster into crisis.

“We know that skilled volunteering is of huge value to environmental organisations and it is also extremely enriching to individuals looking for meaningful work, or a step up towards a career in the NGO sector. If you have digital, creative or social media skills, I urge you to visit Patagonia Action Works and find out how to get involved.”

Patagonia Action Works has matched more than 2,600 volunteers with environmental non-profits since the platform launched in 2018, resulting in 55,000 hours volunteered. In the UK alone, volunteers have given over 1,000 hours of their time to help environmental NGOs such as Protect Our Winters, London Waterkeeper, Power for People and The Irish Wildlife Trust amplify their messages, build advocacy and achieve specific actions. This has saved UK groups nearly £185,000 in consultancy fees.

Sign up to the virtual event at

For more information about Patagonia Action Works, and to see what volunteering opportunities are available visit

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