Piste length matters argues Editor Gill

12th September 2013, by Abi Butcher

An itinerary ski route in Verbier: should these be included in overall piste length?

An itinerary ski route in Verbier: should these be included in overall piste length?

Piste length does matter, according to our readers. Some 83% of you have told us that size really matters, and to choose a ski resort for your winter holiday you need to know the facts.

We’re still waiting to hear back from ski resorts that are re-measuring, but the subject is causing quite a stir. In addition to last weekend’s report in the Sunday Times, Where to Ski and Snowboard Co-editor Chris Gill has just appeared on Radio 4’s lunchtime news programme You & Yours talking about piste length — and arguing that it matters.

“We’ve been looking at this for decades, and we haven’t believed what some ski resorts have been claiming,” said Mr Gill.

In the opposite corner was Ski Sunday presenter and former Olympic skier Graham Bell, who argued “length isn’t that important”, saying people were more interested in vertical metres in a ski resort.

To listen back to the programme, click here.

But your views speak for themselves — at the time of writing this only 3% of voters say piste length doesn’t matter, and 14% are more ambivalent, saying it matters but not a lot.

We think it does, and we’ll keep you updated on the subject as we hear more, but do join in the conversation on twitter and facebook.

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