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29th September 2021, by Abi Butcher

EcoSki and MY WARDROBE HQ have launched a skiwear rental service

EcoSki and MY WARDROBE HQ have launched a skiwear rental service

Want some nice kit to ski in this winter but don’t want to buy? Well, the world’s largest rental service for ski kit has launched from sustainable skiwear retailer EcoSki.

Working in collaboration with the rental giant MY WARDROBE HQ, EcoSki has ski, snowboard and winter kit available to rent from as little as £4 per day. The skiwear rental service is perfect for anyone skiing for the first time, families with fast-growing children or winter sports lovers trying a specific activity such as ski touring or snowboarding.

Or why not just rent if you fancy an upgrade? Brands available to rent include Patagonia, Planks, Picture, Mammut, Yuki Threads, icebreaker, Ortovox, Amundsen, DinoSki, Molo and Protest — every item carefully selected from brands that operate responsibly and sustainably.

Everything you need for a winter holiday is available to hire, from ski gloves and goggles to jackets, ski pants, base and midlayers, helmets, avalanche bags and transceivers down to picnic sets. Additional stock will be added over the coming weeks, with EcoSki Rental offering sizes from XS to XL and ages one to 16 for children — with snow boots in their offering, too.

“We know how fast children grow — what’s the point of buying expensive kit they might only wear once?” says Rachael Westbrook, mum of three and founder of EcoSki.

Items are priced per day, and dispatched to arrive the day before your booking. Once you return from your ski holiday, just drop the kit at a local DPD drop-off point and only pay for the full days the kit is in your possession.

Every item available has been chosen for its high performance, durability and style, as well as its overall environmental and social footprint — so will be free of PFCs, toxi dyes, carbon neutral, Fair Wear certified, and either bio-sourced or 100% recycled.

After every rental, items are cleaned and, if necessary, repaired and/or reproofed using environmentally friendly Nikwax products. Before being dispatched to the next customer, kit will be sterilised via an innovative, eco-friendly Ozone chamber so it arrives in pristine, mountain-ready condition.

EcoSki founder Rachael Westbrook wants to make high-quality, technical and sustainable skiwear available for all. She says: “We share beds via AirBnB and hotels, so why not share clothing? For many, skiwear only comes out of our wardrobe once or twice a year. Quality, sustainable kit comes with a price tag to match so people are often driven towards cheaper, poorer-quality alternatives and this is what I want to help change – making high-performance, better-quality and kinder kit more accessible and affordable for all.

“Renting ski kit will also free up a lot of storage space for families!”

There’s no worries, either, over the safety of rental kit. Avalanche kit will be checked and serviced by professionals between every use, and all garments washed correctly to ensure any microplastics are caught in the filter before being sterilised ready for the next use.

Rachael adds: “The idea is to make it convenient, cost effective and try to make renting kit the norm — it really should be for a lot of skiers who only go once or twice a year. Plus, we do small repairs as standard — we want you to treat it as though you were borrowing from a friend, so don’t worry about the odd nick or mark as the specialist team will sort that.”

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