Saas-Fee crowdfunds ski passes

24th October 2016, by Abi Butcher

Saas-Fee is selling season ski passes for less than the prices of 4 days — if 99,999 people buy them

Saas-Fee is selling season ski passes for less than the prices of 4 days — if 99,999 people buy them

The ski resort of Saas-fee in Switzerland is selling season passes for CHF 222 (around £183) — CHF32 cheaper than a four-day pass — but it will only be available at that price if 99,999 people buy them.

On sale now the discounted season passes are being sold via crowdfunding website — hence the fact that the price will only be that low if 99,999 skiers or snowboarders buy the passes.

While getting 99,999 people to buy a seasonal ski pass might seem a tall order (about 120,000 passes are sold each winter, ranging from one day to a season pass), when you compare the fact that CHF222 is mid-way between the price of an ordinary three-day and four-day ski pass in Saas-Fee (CHF194 and CHF259 respectively) the idea might not seem so crazy. If you’re planning to ski in the Swiss resort for a week, on a six-day pass, you’ll actually save CHF143 (about £118). A full season ski pass for Saas-Fee will set you back CHF1050 (£865).

Saas-Fee say the decision to sell the ski passes using a crowdfunding approach is one born out of need. In a statement, the resort said: “Alpine tourism is facing a challenge due to an imbalance of supply and demand. In many areas, the surplus of resorts means that costs can no longer be covered. Saas-Fee wants to solve the problem by introducing a revolutionary price concept.”

The snag? There are only five weeks to buy the passes — so make up your mind about where you’re taking your ski holiday now. While three- year (CHF622) and fifteen-year (CHF2,999) season passes are also available on the site, the deal will only kick in if 99,999 ski passes are reserved in advance. If this does not happen, ski passes will be sold at current prices (click here for a full list). 

“Our guests tend to stay for an average of four days. We want to make the price attractive for these customers. A four-day ski pass currently costs CHF 259; with the WinterCard Saas-Fee they can ski for less than that and, more importantly, for the whole winter,” says Pascal Schär, spokesman for the resort.

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