Sell your pre-loved ski kit online

24th September 2020, by Abi Butcher

Second-hand September: sell your old ski kit online with

Second-hand September: sell your old ski kit online with

A website dedicated specifically to selling worn ski wear and winter clothing has been set up to make it easier for skiers to buy and sell their kit — perfect timing given that it is currently “Second-Hand September”.

The site sells “pre-loved” ski and snowboard clothing and accessories for both children and adults, with founders Nicola and Sally hoping that a dedicated area for such kit — without having to plough through non-specific buying and selling options on more mainstream sites such as Gumtree and Ebay — will help reduce the cost of buying skiwear, and stop it from being thrown away. charges 20 per cent commission on sales, but a quarter of that goes to teen mental health charity stem4.

Co-founder Nicola Davenport explains: “ is a way to keep durable ski and snowboard clothing out of landfill and in circulation. We make it easy to update your on-piste style at lower cost than buying new — and you can do so guilt-free since you don’t have to wait for last year’s jacket to wear out before you invest in a new look.

“For adults, buying and selling through is an affordable, sustainable way to update your ski wardrobe. We all know how quickly kids grow out of their ski kit. For families, it’s a way to pass on and stock up with children’s wintersports wear within a dedicated community.”

Both Nicola and her co-founder Sally have both skied for many years with their families and Nicola adds “we’ve got through a LOT of kids’ ski kit in our time”.

As well as being “Second-Hand September”, encouraging people not to buy new clothes, this week (21-25 September) is also Climate Week and Recycling Week.


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