Ski concierge service launches in the Alps

15th October 2013, by Abi Butcher

Valet Alpin will store your skis and boots in Switzerland and meet you at the aiport

Valet Alpin will store your skis and boots in Switzerland and meet you at the aiport

A ski concierge company has launched to make life easier for holidaymakers — especially those who ski more than once a year.

Valet Alpin will store skis, snowboards, boots and other equipment in heated warehouses in Switzerland and deliver it either to the airport or to your chosen ski resort.

In doing so, the service aims to cut out the hassle of carting your kit to and from the UK, and reduce the costs of doing so — though some airlines are still offering free ski carriage (such as Monarch), most others charge. This year, easyJet is charging £27 per flight to carry skis (£54 for a return journey) and Ryanair charges a whopping £50 each way. Even Swiss now charges to carry skis on some fares.

Valet Alpin’s cheapest service, the Airport Exchange, costs £51 for a single booking of skis and boots but can be reduced to £41 for a group booking. Resort delivery costs an average of £55 but the price depends on the distance of the resort.

At the beginning of the season, Valet Alpin will pick up your equipment from your home or office and ship it to their warehouses in Switzerland for a one-off fee of £29. Storage of skis/snowboard, boots and a box of accessories in Valet Alpin’s warehouse for the year costs £40 and collection from the airport to their warehouse costs £8.50 per bag.

Valet Alpin offers an optional service for cleaning and tuning equipment, and anti-bacterial boot drying — plus a resort transfer service, so it will meet you, with your equipment, and deliver you both to your destination.

The service was launched earlier this month by Peter Knee, a chartered accountant, who says Valet Alpin will take “exceptional care” of clients’ equipment “every step of the way”.

“With our very competitive pricing, it is often less expensive to take advantage of Valet Alpin’s services and enjoy hassle-free travel,” he said.

Whether it saves you money depends on how often you plan to ski this winter, and which airline you choose to fly with. But undoubtedly it cuts the hassle of lugging your kit around.

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