Ski holidays less pricey than sun

19th December 2014, by Abi Butcher

Families are increasingly going on ski holidays together

Families are increasingly going on ski holidays together

Ski holidays cost less than sun holidays this year, according to a report released last week by Club Med. The findings were somewhat of a surprise since skiing is often considered to be a more expensive holiday option.

The report, Skiing Together, found that in 2014, the average spend on ski trips by UK holidaymakers was £2,262 — whereas the average sun holiday cost £2,292.

Club Med also revealed that holidaymakers spent 4% on their ski trips this year than they did last, and that record numbers of British families are hitting the slopes with grandparents this season. The report focussed on family trips, and found that with an increased number of extended families travelling together, there is an emerging trend for families to split the bill for their holiday — with the onus more on the grandparents to fork out (13%) for the cost of the extended family holiday.

The report also revealed that two-thirds of people who travel with children go on ski holidays so their kids can learn new skills, be physically active and bond as a family.

Four fifths of respondents (83%) said they were open to “gramping” — holidaying with grandparents — on their next ski trip.

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