Ski hosting verdict due 4 September

3rd July 2014, by Abi Butcher

Le Ski director Nick Morgan says he will appeal the ski hosting ban to the EU

Le Ski director Nick Morgan says he will appeal the ski hosting ban to the EU

A decision on whether British tour operators will be allowed to continue ski hosting in France will be given on 4 September.

Yesterday (3 July), French chalet specialists Le Ski were present at a two-hour hearing yesterday in front of a panel of three appeal court judges in Chambéry.

Nick Morgan, director of Le Ski is appealing against a decision taken last year by a court in Albertville. The court ruled that under French law it is illegal for someone to be paid to lead or guide groups around the mountain unless they are a fully qualified ski instructor or guide.

At the appeal, the lawyer representing Le Ski submitted a defence that shows French regulations banning ski hosting are discriminatory. Under French law, all of the country’s civil servants and teachers are exempt from any qualification requirement to guide groups around the mountain.

Le Ski is arguing that the section of French law applied to the decision taken in Albertville is unjustifiable under EU law. The appeal is being seen as a test case for British tour operators who have all suspended their popular ski hosting services in France.

Mr Morgan told Where to Ski and Snowboard the hearing was very fair and civilised.

“The court in Albertville was packed, and the feeling was very negative,” he said. “In the Court of Appeal in Chambéry, it was just us, with a representative from Ski Olympic for support, along with a delegation of four from the Ecole du Ski Français (ESF). I feel the judges gave us a very fair hearing.”

The verdict will be published on 4 September 2014, and Mr Morgan said if the Albertville court’s decision is not overturned, he will fight the case to the Supreme Court in Paris or the European Court in Luxembourg.

Mr Morgan added: “We are extremely grateful to everyone for all the support we have received so far.”

On Tuesday, the Ski Club of Great Britain announced it was suspending its Leading service in France while it awaits legal action. British tour operators supporting Le Ski are Alpine Elements, Crystal Ski Holidays, Esprit Ski, Inghams, Mark Warner, Neilson, Ski Olympic, Ski Total, Skiworld, Thomson Ski.

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