Ski resorts introduce “no sitting zones”

1st April 2015, by Abi Butcher

We all know that snowboarders love a sit down – often to the annoyance of everyone else on the piste.

To combat this, some ski resorts have today announced they’ll be enforcing “no-sitting zones”, marked by double yellow lines, to punish any powder hounds caught loitering on the slopes, Crystal Ski Holidays reports.

“It’s about time these lazy snowboarders actually finished a run before having a break” claimed a SAB (Skiers against Boarders) spokesman, whose organisation championed the move. “We already have to wait ages while they put their bindings on, and then they want to sit down every 10 minutes as the ‘pow’ is ‘too gnarly’. Frankly, we should just ban them from the mountain altogether”.

Responses to the introduction have been mixed, with the LPS (League for the Protection of Snowboarders) claiming: “Wooah man, that’s not rad. Sometimes we just need to take a break because we’re just too sick. Also, our incredibly comfortable boots need adjusting at least three or four times a run”. 

There are also reports today of resorts in North America creating “sitting slopes” in response; huge snowy fields for boarders to sit, drink cans of Red Bull and plan their next trip to the park.

This debate has proved one thing however, there really is no love lost between skiers and boarders.

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