Ski resorts stop selling water bottles

2nd February 2016, by Abi Butcher

The Tahoe ski resorts of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows have installed 20 new water fountains

The Tahoe ski resorts of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows have installed 20 new water fountains

Two ski resorts in California have stopped selling bottled water. Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows have launched an initiative called Drink Mountain Tap, which aims to reduce the number of single-use water bottles sold.

The Tahoe resorts have installed 20 new water refill stations between them, and are now selling slim, flexible and reusable water bottles – designed to fit in a jacket pocket - at the same price as disposable water bottles.

Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley are hoping to reduce the amount of plastic landfill waste each year and encourage skiers and snowboarders to think before throwing away a single-use water bottle. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which operates both resorts, estimates that 28,000 water bottles are thrown away each year.

The new, reusable bottles feature scenic photographs of each respective mountain, reminding users of the environment that they are helping to protect.

“We are passionate about our community and these incredible mountains and our values are squarely centered upon our legacy. With Drink Mountain Tap we can lead by example to show businesses that these kinds of changes are environmentally as well as financially viable,” said Andy Wirth, president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings.

“Drink Mountain Tap will not only remove 28,000 bottles from our annual waste stream, but it will provide a cost savings to our guests who can use refill a sustainable container with free water that comes straight from the mountains.”

To further help things along, the tap water at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is supplied by three different sources, all originating from its local mountain watershed which was recognized as the “Best Tasting Water in California” at the California Rural Water Association Expo in 2015.

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