Ski to the moon for charity

16th January 2015, by Abi Butcher

A challenge to ski distance from the earth to the moon has been launched by Snow-Camp

A challenge to ski distance from the earth to the moon has been launched by Snow-Camp

A challenge to rack up a collective 238,855 miles on skis — the distance from the earth to the moon — has been launched by youth charity Snow-Camp.

A special app, developed by the makers of Ski Tracks, was released last month to help Snow-Camp attain its goal. “Ski 2 The Moon” is free to download, and enables anyone with a smart phone to take part in the fundraising challenge. Wherever or whenever you are skiing this season, just download the app and log your mileage — whether you plan to do a season in Whistler or spend an afternoon at the Snow Centre.

Snow-Camp director Dan Charlish said the challenge was inspired by the concept of Movember.

“Over the years we have developed a number of snowsports events which have helped raise fantastic funds for our work, but these will always be limited to a set location, dates and with specified targets – all of which restricts some people getting involved,” he said.

“Wherever you are in the world you can grow a moustache for Movember, raise some funds and support a charity. We wanted to do something along the same lines but with snowsports – and the App now makes this possible.’

Ski Tracks is now used by more than 1.4 million skiers and snowboarders, and the developers were five minutes’ drive from the Snow-Camp office and very keen to get involved. Ski 2 The Moon is free to download and does not require users to run data while they are abroad.

Skiers us to set a personal distance target and timeframe to achieve a specific goal — 200 miles in a week in the Three Valleys, five miles at Chatham Snow Centre or 5,000 miles over a season in Breckenridge — and hit ‘go’ on the app to start tracking their miles and helping towards the collective goal of the reaching the moon.

Like Ski Tracks, Ski 2 The Moon will also measure speed, total distance, vertical drop and offer GPS tracking which maps the route on Google.
Users are encouraged to create a simple Just Giving page detailing their personal Ski 2 The Moon challenge, which they can easily share with friends and family. There will also be other ways to support the event and charity through text giving, with all funds raised supporting Snow-Camp’s work with inner city young people.

The event will continue until the end of the season – or until Snow-Camp reaches the moon. For more information visit

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