Chemmy Alcott wears her rubbish in eco stunt

7th July 2022, by Abi Butcher

Olympic skier Chemmy Alcott is to wear her rubbish next week in an eco stunt

Olympic skier Chemmy Alcott is to wear her rubbish next week in an eco stunt

Olympic skier and TV presenter Chemmy Alcott is going to wear her rubbish next week, in a stunt to raise awareness of climate change, with circular skiwear company EcoSki.

Chemmy, who turns 40 on 10 July, will wear a suit of recycled plastic bags filled with the rubbish she “throws out” over the course of the week while attending events in London, doing the school run and even while out paddleboarding.

“When we shop we try to do as much as we can to reduce how much will eventually end up in landfill or recycling, but of course with a family of four, and my two young sons, we do generate rubbish,” says Chemmy, who is an ambassador for EcoSki.

“I’m absolutely going to make it real life, so I’m not going to cheat, and I think it will shock us all — I really hope it will. I’m really pleased to be doing this during the first week of my forties, so I am forced into make even more changes to the way we live going forwards.”

EcoSki challenged Chemmy to wear her rubbish for a week in order to highlight the amount we all send to landfill and what impact that has on climate change. EcoSki is a skiwear company that exists to help consumers make more sustainable choices offer rental, repair, re-sale of new and preloved ski kit and solutions for end-of-life — as well as new items from a carefully curated selection of brands who manufacturer with the highest environmental and social standards.

The four-time Winter Olympian and Ski Sunday TV presenter is expecting to be shocked when forced to wear her rubbish day and night — but says she has observed first-hand the impact of climate change on the natural world.

“I’ve spent much of my life in the mountains, the impact of climate change in the world I know and love is very black and white – we see it more than anyone else with changing weather patterns, extreme events and changes to the snow levels,” says Chemmy. “I try to feed sustainable living through everything I do — we walk and cycle wherever we can, I drive an electric Skoda Enyaq and I wear ski clothing rented from EcoSki while I’m in the mountains.”

Chemmy Alcott will be wearing her rubbish from Monday 11 July until Sunday 17 July, at events in London (including one at the House of Lords), school picnics and on the River Thames. She’ll be sharing details of her experience on Instagram and with EcoSki at @ChemmySki and and on twitter @eco_ski

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