Skiers don’t take proper insurance

19th January 2015, by Abi Butcher

If you have an accident while skiing, without proper insurance, the costs will be huge

If you have an accident while skiing, without proper insurance, the costs will be huge

A third of skiers won’t be adequately insured this winter, according to new research

A third of people planning to go skiing or snowboarding this season will not take out winter sports insurance. The startling stats, from Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance, show that 27% of holidaymakers plan to simply take out a general travel insurance policy and six per cent won’t take out any insurance whatsoever.

Of the remaining two thirds of people planning to take out a winter sports insurance policy, less than one in three (29%) said they planned to take out off-piste cover.

Some of those questioned said they would rely on a European Health insurance Card (EHIC), but Sainsbury’s Bank is warning that the card only entitles you to the same state-provided medical treatment as the host country’s residents, which may not be free.

An EHIC card will also not cover emergency transportation should you need to be airlifted off the slopes, taken to hospital by ambulance and repatriated, costs which could easily reach into thousands of pounds.

Damaged knees are the most common injury among skiers or snowboarders, with the research by Sainsbury’s showing that nine per cent of people taking a winter sports holiday this year have already suffered a knee injury. A further seven per cent have suffered a broken leg or facial injury, and six per cent of skiers or boarders have suffered from an ankle injury or dislocated shoulder.

Scott Gorman of Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance, said: “While most ski and snowboard trips go without incident, winter sports carry risks that can end up being very costly, which is why getting good quality winter sports cover as part of a travel insurance policy is just as essential as your skis and boots.”


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