Skiing’s answer to Desert Island Discs launched

4th June 2021, by Abi Butcher

Momentum Ski has launched “the ski version of Desert Island Discs”

Momentum Ski has launched “the ski version of Desert Island Discs”

A new podcast series billing itself to be “the ski version of Desert Island Discs” has launched, with the first three episodes — with Damon Hill, Heston Blumenthal and Frank Gardner — available now.

Hosted by Ski Sunday presenter Chemmy Alcott and Moment Ski owner Amin Momen, the Momentum Ski Off Piste podcast talks to celebrities about skiing, their favourite resorts, music and “much more besides” against a backdrop of their favourite music-of-the-mountains. 

Momentum Ski is well known for running the City Ski Championships and the Mountain Gourmet Ski Experience and has orchestrated interviews with Tom Kerridge, Marcus Brigstocke, Neil Fox, Molly Kind and Heidi Range in the coming weeks and months.

Chemmy said:  “Music inspires treasured moments in our lives…imagine a first dance without a banging tune? Yoga or a boogie in ski boots on tables after the lifts shut without rock? It just don’t work! I always say the key to good skiing is finding your rhythm…the beat of your pole plant — the transition bounce between turns — it’s all about your inner music!

“By asking our celebrity guests to share their most memorable ski experiences plus their top tips for a great winter holiday and their favourite songs, we’ve created some epic off-piste chats guaranteed to tickle your snow fancy.”

Damon Hill added: “In February 2020 I was skiing with Amin in Mürren doing the ‘Inferno’, then we drove round to Courmayeur for his City Ski Championships. Little did we know that this would be the last time we could go skiing that winter. We arrived home to the news that ‘A man’ had been tested positive for the Corona Virus in the UK. He’d been skiing just the other side of Mont Blanc from us.

“Amin’s life and business has been decimated by the lockdowns. But Amin is a survivor and very inventive. When he asked me to do the Podcast ‘Off Piste’ I had to say ‘yes’. Because if you can’t actually do it, talking about it is the next best thing. It’s a great idea and Amin has kept that flame flickering. Give it a listen and dream of skiing again.”

The Momentum Ski Off Piste Podcast is available on Spotify or you can sign up at

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