Snow on its way for the Alps

29th December 2015, by Abi Butcher

Verbier this week: more like spring or summer say locals

Verbier this week: more like spring or summer say locals

The snow drought that has been plaguing the Alps might be coming to an end.

Forecasts show a cold front approaching that will bring to an end the mild weather responsible for green slopes and closed pistes.

This past month has been one of, if not, the warmest on record in the Alps according to Fraser Wilkin of Weather To Ski, who supplies our weekly snow reports.

But that’s all due to change, says Fraser, in today’s daily update.

“The first snowfall will arrive on Thursday and Friday, affecting mostly the northern and western Alps with a rain/snow limit somewhere between 1000-1500m. Quantities will be fairly modest, perhaps 5-15cm above 1500m, but heavier, more widespread snowfalls are expected in the first week of January.”

The news of imminent snowfall has been shared widely across social media — with skiers and snowboarders desperate for the winter to begin. Verbier locals commenting on the above picture, taken on Boxing Day and posted on Instagram, said: “The weather is great but not so great for wanting to go skiing! It’s been like a spring/summer week here”.

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