Snowboarders build their own slope

16th June 2013, by Abi Butcher

The snowboarders were missing the Aviemore slopes

The snowboarders were missing the Aviemore slopes

A snowboarder from Aviemore last week built his own slope and snowboard ramp to celebrate his birthday.

Mike Jachacy, a 31-year-old snowboard coach, enlisted the help of nine friends and a 4x4, van and trailer to move eight tonnes of snow from Aviemore to his back garden in the valley below. The group built a 60m course on some dry slope matting, including rails, ramps and jumps and even a makeshift drag lift using a motorbike engine.

“We wanted to celebrate my birthday together with friends from all over Scotland,” said Mr Jachacy, who has been building his own late-season slope for the past four years.
“We filled the trailers with as much snow as we could and built the snowboarding course back in my garden.”

His friend Angus Leith, 25, a semi-pro snowboarder added: “It’s a little sketchy and dangerous, but that adds to the excitement of riding. By May most of the snow is obviously gone, but there’s always a way to get it.

“This year we got more snow and it turned out better than ever before.”

After a hard day’s riding, the gang of boarders celebrate with a barbecue and bonfire.

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