Stay in Zermatt’s eco-hut

28th March 2010, by Chris Gill

The Monte Rosa hut

The Monte Rosa hut

Zermatt’s newest mountaineering hut, the Monte Rosa, is now offering accommodation to visitors.

The Swiss resort’s latest high-altitude development is an ultra-modern glass and wood hut, situated at 2880m on the Gorner glacier. The hut itself opened in September 2009, but is now offering guests the chance to stay in a self-sufficient, eco-friendly building high in the mountains.

The Monte Rosa is also referred to as the ‘mountain crystal’, after its unique crystal-shaped design and glass roof. The hut has 18 rooms, with 120 beds and uses solar technology to supply energy. It is built near the site of a former small hut and was a six-year project by the Swiss Alpine Club to develop a ‘green’ building that will appeal to carbon footprint conscious ski mountaineers and hikers and can be used as a model for future developments. The Monte Rosa is expected to be 90% energy self-sufficient, and recycle products such as summer ice-melt – which will be collected and used to provide water for the showers and toilets.

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