Sun Peaks launches ‘snow bum’ comp

8th October 2009, by Chris Gill

Picture yourself here ...

Picture yourself here ...

Picture three months in a ski resort, living it up at someone else’s expense? Great, eh? You might go skiing or boarding every day, race around on a snow mobile, play VIP for a while, write a few blogs about how perfect the snow is that week …

One lucky person will be doing just that this winter, if they become the Sun Peaks snow bum.

The ‘I want to be a Snow Bum’ video competition is a fabulous opportunity for a skier or boarder to spend a season in the mountains – for free. The winner will be provided with a season’s lift pass, food vouchers, lodging in some of the resort’s best hotels, equipment and even ski clothing. What’s more, they are offering the VIP treatment, with backstage passes to resort events and functions.

“People travel from all over the world for a week at Sun Peaks. This winner will live and ski or board the whole winter…for free!” says President of Tourism Sun Peaks, Christopher Nicolson.

Is it only for young dudes?

No, anyone over the age of 19 years can be the snow bum. And you don’t have to be Canadian; it’s a global competition. But you do need to be of intermediate level or above.

How do I enter?

You’ll need to shoot and submit a 60-second video of your charming self. In that short time, the judges will want to feel your love of the mountains and ability to make the most of the opportunity if you win. So tell them that.

And it’s a good idea if you are the kind of guy or girl who loves to natter, blog or tweet your way through the social networks – one inspiration for the competition is the wide audience gained by these rapidly growing online connections.

Is that it?

Not quite: finalists will be interviewed and need to complete an essay before the judges select the winner.

So what’s the catch? It’s an amazing prize .

In return for being a snow bum every day, the winner will be expected to take on a few media duties: that’s where the blogging comes in. The organisers have an official blog that the winner will be expected to update regularly, as well as using Facebook and Twitter to tell the rest of the world about their adventures. A laptop and phone are supplied though.

OK – so I want to go for it.

If you fancy a go, send your videos to by 15 November
The winner will be announced in December, for a January start. The website has all the details, and you can check out your competition through the existing entries.
Don’t know about Sun Peaks? Here’s the WTSS reviews Sun Peaks

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