Swiss resorts ‘chill-out’

20th January 2010, by Chris Gill

Slow down!

Slow down!

St Moritz has devoted part of its ski area to marketing a popular scheme in Switzerland known as ‘Chill-out Riding’.

So what is Chill-out Riding all about?

The basic concept is a slow skiing area, for anyone who wishes to take their time – riding at a leisurely pace, away from the crowds. The idea is actively promoted and backed by lots of local organisations, in the hope that it will encourage skiers and boarders to adopt a more relaxed attitude and slow down on the pistes; there are even special ski school classes to show you how it’s done!

These courses have three main teaching elements: a focussed attitude, an appreciation of nature and a consciously relaxed approach. To try it all out, a Chillout Riding package is also available: including two days lodging, lift passes and the lessons.

In St Moritz, they have designated the red Paradiso piste on Corviglia a ‘chill-out’ zone. At the bottom the El Paradiso hut now offers a ski-in – that’s takeaway to you and me –with snacks that you can munch at leisure in a lounger or on the chair back up.

In addition to St Moritz, ‘Chillout Riding’ has also been adopted in Zermatt, Davos and the Jungfrau – among others.

Pull up a pew

It isn’t ‘chillout riding’ as such, but the theme continues: Arosa has introduced one or two lounging areas on the Brüggerhorn slopes – to encourage visitors to stop, relax or take a nap in the sun before the next descent.

Will it catch on, do you reckon?

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