Switzerland: book postponed, reports welcome

27th March 2020, by Chris Gill

Probably the most spectacular scenery in the skiing world

Probably the most spectacular scenery in the skiing world

The speed with which the coronavirus thing has developed is amazing. Two and a half weeks ago I returned from this season’s third trip to Switzerland – a Switzerland that was calmly ignoring the gathering storm. Four days later, two weeks ago, Switzerland had become a clear virus hotspot, editor Watts was cutting short his second trip while I was cancelling my fourth trip (due to start on the 20th) and booking instead a quick dash out to Basel to retrieve the car I had parked there. Two days ago, the warehouse that sends out our book closed down for the foreseeable, so we are no longer taking orders.

The truncation and cancellation of Swiss research trips meant that we didn’t get to a handful of major resorts, and that we would have to postpone publication of Where to Ski in Switzerland. Disappointing, and not good for our finances, but unimportant in the grand scheme of things. We assume, or hope at least, that we’ll get to Verbier, St Moritz and Davos etc next season, and publish the book in September 2021.

Meanwhile, we’re keen to hear from readers who visited Switzerland this season or last. We have now opened our new reader reporting system – a bit later than we would have wished, because we have invested a lot of time in making it more efficient than previous systems when the time comes to assemble the book. Of course, it retains the key features we know readers require – it works on phones, and you can save your input and resume work on it later.

You’ll find the new system here. It will be open through April, then closed down until December, when it will be re-opened until the following spring. As usual, we’ll be awarding free copies of the new book to the authors of the 50 most useful reports received.

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