Temperatures plummet, winter arrives

26th November 2010, by Chris Gill

This week's snowfalls

This week's snowfalls

Snow conditions in Europe are getting better and better, as the wintry weather closes in. Much of the Alps has been blanketed in fresh snow this week, and it’s set to get colder according to the forecast gurus. What’s more, there are plenty of December deals to be snapped up if you can get away for the season openers.

Overnight snowfall has affected parts of France Switzerland and western Austria, and the showers are continuing on Friday. Lots of resorts will make this weekend their first of the season, so this is perfectly timed for some excellent riding.

Whether the predictions for exceptionally low temperatures in Switzerland materialise, we wait to see. Meterologists in the country are suggesting a cold winter not seen for 70 years, with thermometers reaching 25-35 degrees below next week. However, Meteo Suisse gives a more appealing figure of minus 13 max – although it could get colder at altitude, and in more southerly regions. The reason for the bitter cold is polar air arriving from Scandinavia, first into Germany and the northern Alps.

Whatever figures are recorded, it seems that such cold weather is more akin to January and February rather than the end of November!

Still, with plenty of snow falling and cold air keeping it on the ground, conditions ought to be very good for the foreseeable week at least.

Meteoblue forecast for Sunday 28 November – cold, but maybe not quite as chilly as forecast.

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