The North Face launches renewed line

30th October 2018, by Abi Butcher

Outdoor clothing brand The North Face is selling refurbished kit

Outdoor clothing brand The North Face is selling refurbished kit

Outdoor clothing brand The North Face has joined rival Patagonia in selling refurbished clothing. The North Face Renewed is a new branch of the business aiming to recycle used and sometimes defective items of clothing in an online store —

Yes of course it’s possible to buy used items online through eBay, gumtree or Facebay (and more…) The North Face guarantees that the clothing you buy through its ‘renewed’ scheme is cleaned, repaired and just like new — but sold online at a discount to cut down waste.

“It just represents a really important next step in the evolution of our overall business,” says Tim Bantle, a general manager and vice president of lifestyle brands at The North Face. The company recognises the apparel industry’s waste problem: 85% of textiles end up in a landfill. Even though the company makes products that are designed to last longer than average–items come with a lifetime guarantee, and the company offers repairs–it still had an opportunity to curb waste. Patagonia sells refurbished clothing through a similar online store.

The North Face is following in the footsteps of eco-warrier company Patagonia, which has been running its Worn Wear Shop and Tour for a number of years — not only selling renewed products but travelling both the US and Europe teaching skiers, climbers, mountaineers and anyone else who buys and wears its products how to make minor mends and to help replace broken zips and so on.

What’s the catch? The North Face Renewed is currently only in pilot stage, trying out the system from July until September this year in the US, but it’s hoped the Renewed store will roll out worldwide soon.

Until then, head over to Patagonia’s Worn Wear website and keep an eye out for its winter events. When so much of our kit ends up in landfill, it’s time to think about refurbing and mending, rather than chucking it away and buying new.

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