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15th September 2016, by Abi Butcher

Ski coach Warren Smith is holding a series of ski technique courses around the UK

Ski coach Warren Smith is holding a series of ski technique courses around the UK

Ellis Brigham and leading ski coach Warren Smith will be hosting a series of ski technique courses around the UK this autumn.

Warren and his Academy team will be explaining how the “3 Way Lineage” (ski technique/ski biomechanics/ski equipment precision) is vital for the development of a skier’s technique development. Essentially, this means how an individual’s flex range, symmetry and leg steering range (the three main issues most skiers have), along with their equipment, will affect a skier’s technique.

“This approach massively reduces the risk of injury, enhances performance safely and ultimately guarantee’s technique development,” says Warren. “The underlying statement being that whatever type of ski coaching you’re receiving, it will never just work by focusing on technique alone, it has to have biomechanical movement range and equipment assessed at the same time.

Skiers will be offered the chance to be assessed to identify their specific movement ranges and what they need to do to either balance out differences between the right and left side of the body or to generally improve range. Skiers will leave the Ellis Brigham stores with enough information to build your own technique development program off snow and dramatically change your skiing before the winter season starts.

The tour starts on 6 October in Glasgow and finishes in the Ellis Brigham store in Covent Garden on 24 October, before a grand finale at The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show from 27 to 30 October.

Tickets cost £8 per person, with talks starting at 7.30pm and running for about two hours. Ski show based lectures will be free of charge as part of your show entrance ticket. To book visit

The dates for the tour are as follows:


6th Glasgow
7th Fort William
10th Castleford
11th Manchester
12th Tamworth
17th Bristol
18th Milton Keynes
20th London – St Paul’s
21st London – Kensington High St
24th London – Covent Garden
27th – 30th The Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show

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