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20th July 2022, by Chris Gill

With the editorial Apple Macs melting in the heat, we’re taking a break. No more news until late autumn. But there is some good news for anyone planning to ski next winter who has so far resisted the allure of our current series of books.

As you may have guessed from the image, in an attempt to keep the warehouse people occupied we’re running a special offer on the WTS titles. We’ve called it a BOGOF deal because we thought it might catch your eye, but actually it’s a 50% discount – so if you order all three titles (Austria, France, Italy) it’s a Buy One-and-a-Half and Get One-and-a-Half Free deal.

To snap up this bargain, head over to our book sales site and place an order, using the discount code BOGOF at the checkout.

While we have your attention, a final piece of news – not such good news, sadly. As many of you will know, our work on the fourth book in the series, on Switzerland, was brought to a sudden halt in February 2020 by you-know-what. Being cautious types (OK, being past the first flush of youth, and therefore a bit vulnerable to disease) your editors haven’t skied since then. So there certainly won’t be a Switzerland book this year. Whether there will be one in 2023 remains to be seen.

We’ll be back with more news some time in November. Meanwhile, have a great summer sailing, biking, walking, whatever.

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