Where to Ski and Snowboard races up sales rankings

17th September 2009, by Chris Gill

With regular ‘rival’ the Hardy’s Guide (formerly the Great Skiing Guide) not publishing a new edition this year, we were expecting to dominate the ski guidebook market this season - and we haven’t been disappointed. You only have to take a look at http://www.amazon.co.uk to get the picture.

Where to Ski and Snowboard 2010 reached 1,142 in the book sales rankings at Amazon.co.uk on Friday (11 September). This may not sound very special, but for a niche publication like ours it’s pretty good - it is the highest position we have achieved. If we manage to sneak into the top 1,000 we’ll be very pleased.

Comparison with the alternatives puts our ranking in perspective. When we checked, the three books that you might consider to be our competition - Hardy’s Guide, White Weekends and Footprint’s newish Skiing Europe - were all ranked between 150,000 and 200,000. Quite some way behind!

The Amazon book sales rankings are not intended to provide definitive sales information, but they do provide a useful, up-to-date snapshot. A contributory factor in our current success on Amazon.co.uk is no doubt the healthy set of reader reviews we’ve accumulated on the site.

But if you haven’t got your copy of the new edition yet, you can buy it direct from us - you can get it at the crunch-busting 1994 price of £14.99 (p&p free) by going to http://www.wheretoski.co.uk/1994 (We’re sorry that the home page of this site is still advertising the old edition. It’s a long and sad story; a new site is under construction.)

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