Win a three-pack of FALKE ski socks worth £90

3rd February 2020, by Abi Butcher

Where to Ski and Snowboard has a three-pack of FALKE ski socks worth £90 to give away

Where to Ski and Snowboard has a three-pack of FALKE ski socks worth £90 to give away

Where to Ski & Snowboard has teamed up with our favourite sock manufacturer FALKE to offer one lucky reader a three-pack of SK4 ski socks worth £90.

FALKE sells a range of ski and snowboard socks for both recreational skiers and snowboarders, as well as performance socks including a compression range, and socks for ski racing and ski touring — for men, women and children.

FALKE socks are available in a range of thickness, with all models featuring extra-volume cushioning to protect against pressure points, with toe boxes and right and left cushioning. Depending on which model — constructed with a mix of silk and merino wool, with the compression “Energising” model made with a pix of polyamide, wool, polypropylene and elastane to improve circulation and speed up recovery. FALKE socks cost from £26 a pair.

To get the best out of your skiing week — and your socks — FALKE recommends taking three pairs away on your holiday, hence are offering one lucky Where to Ski & Snowboard reader a three-pack of its SK4 socks, which retail at £30 a pair. These socks have extra-light cushioning, perfect for more advanced skiers who use custom-fit boots. They offer direct power transmission and a high degree of control. The merino-mix fabric ensures rapid heat transport and moisture wicking, and the optimised shape guarantees superior comfort and an active day’s skiing.

And a three-pack will see you through a week away on the slopes, says Adam Renshaw from FALKE.

“Skiing, however enjoyable, is a form of exercise and raising your heart rate and body heat means you are more likely to sweat — and need performance socks,” says Adam. “You wear fresh clean socks every day to go to work, so it would follow that you should ideally wear a fresh pair of ski socks every day. At the very least, FALKE would emphasise taking a minimum of three pairs of socks away for a week’s skiing (you can always wash them while away).”

Another way to think of socks, says Adam, is as baselayers for your feet: “To work properly and effectively every day they need to be clean, which will also reduce the chances of pulling your feet out your ski boots at the end of the day and being greeted with a terrible odour!”

FALKE also makes a fantastic range of ski-specific baselayers and underwear with its trademark moisture-wicking and thermal-management capabilities, along with supreme comfort.

To enter the Where to Ski & Snowboard/FALKE competition, click here

For more information on FALKE ski socks, and to browse the full range (and more) visit

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