Reporting by email?

…Our guidelines can help

If you don’t like forms, we will accept email reports – but be aware that it is really helpful if you use the form system in possible.

Email us at:

Remember: reports must be in by the end of April.

Feedback by email.

Rule 1: be clear about where you went, and when. If you are describing a bar or whatever in another, linked resort, be clear about that.

Of course, you are welcome to make observations on any aspect of the resort. But what we ideally want you to cover is the following:

  • Queues and other aspects of the lift system: Where are the bottlnecks, and when? And how bad are they?
  • Are the blue runs genuinely easy? Are the red runs genuinely challenging? Tell us which ones you liked, and which you didn’t.
  • Individual bars and restaurants: Tell us about the ones you liked and the ones you didn’t, and explain why. If you can, describe the style and food of the ones you like.
  • Other recommended establishments: If you liked your hotel, chalet or apartment development, tell us why.