Review of Wengen

22nd January 2008 by Dave Hume 

21/01/08. Just back from Wengen and to confirm what others say. The lift passes are fantastic value and one can really get a sense of travel albeit slowly. Snow was superb (best conditions for several years I’m told) but the Mannlichen car from Wengen is still a bottleneck at peak times, Piste maintenance was awful, hardly any bashing or preparation at all considering the amount of snow we had. It was such a waste and you could see it made it difficult for those in their early weeks of skiing, really unnecessary. Piste marking a bit erratic in Wengen. Piste grading in Grindelwald apart from their main black, was a disgrace. Keep off red run 23 at all costs. We must have sushed 30% + of the long, long journey, barely worthy of a green grade.
Murren; wonderful, just a pity it’s so small an area.
Wengen, if they could just do a couple of small ski friendly projects like a simple rope pull on one of the blues going back into town to make accessibility to the Mannlichen station storage area easier instead of the focus on toboggans and walker’s.
Top tip: store your gear (£13 a week)under the Intersport behind the Mannlichen bubble, then no gear to have to carry back to the hotels and it’s warm and safe for next morning.
All in all we are glad we have been here as the area is stunning and the scenery with the Eiger mind blowing, people nice and prices reasonable and would not have wanted to miss trips such as those to the Jungfrauhoch station 3500m plus and our day trips to Grindelwald and Murren long though they were. But just to ski, somewhere else I think next year.

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