Review of Alpe d'Huez

5th February 2008 by ResortFiler 

The following has been copied from a posting to the Resorts forum thread, by Robb. Bear in mind that it was not originally intended to be a full resort review, so it may cover a narrow area of interest.

We have had private lessons over 4 years of holidays at Alpe-d’Huez with ESF, ESI and Masterclass and our kids have had group lessons for three years with ESF.

I think they are all English instructors. Our instructor was very nice and I would say followed our needs the closest of any instructor we have had, but we did not progress much as we were not really pushed; it was very friendly though.

We learned much more in two private lessons from ESF that were both cheaper and longer than the others; they pushed us harder and were determined for us to have progressed by the end.

Our kids have also done well with ESF, but it is not easy, with 3 long hours in the morning. Good but not really for softies, but the group size was OK. Also they are very strict on passing kids up to the next level, which is hard on a 6 year old who has turned up for 6 mornings then been ‘failed’ on the Friday.

ESI was our first year skiing as beginners and the instructor made us work for five mornings. I lost 10 kilos! Excellent overall.

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