Review of Verbier

22nd January 2006 by Jay Nagley 

Having been back to Verbier for the first time since 2004, I can endorse the comments about how things have improved. The new lifts (Le Chaux Express) make a huge difference to bump-lovers who want to get to the Fonteney run.

However, the big news for us was discovering how to eat well at reasonable cost. First tip is (unbelievably) the Pub Mont Fort. Upstairs it is for British workers and young,loud holidaymakers who sound like they have fathers in the city. Downstairs, there is a superb newish restaurant - we had to be told by four different people before we would give it a try. The food is like a top British gastropub at reasonable prices - our group paid £30 per head for three courses including wine and all eight of our disparate group were amazed by the quality.

The other tip is not to buy lunch up the mountain (£8 for a spag bol), but to get an excellent sandwich (baguette or paillasse)from the little kiosk at the Medran lift, between the bus stop and where you buy the lift pass. They are around £3 and can easily hold their own against Pret a Manger.

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