Review of Bansko

11th June 2007 by dan 

I enjoyed my time at Bansko. It was my second week on snow and a good place to pick up from my first week snowboarding.

It is limited in what it has to offer. But is very cheap (Beer is 25p for a litre, Zagorka, one of the best beers I have tried!!)

It’s not for experts - but I had great fun there - went in Jan 06 and there was plenty of snow. Conditions were great, especially at the top of the mountain.

Transfer there is torture - the roads are horrific and it took what seemed like an eternity to get there.

Eating out was fun and enjoyable - food there is very tasty and cheap. The Bulgarians are friendly and very proud of their culture.

Biggest drag we found was queues for the gondola - the other reviewer said no queues - we had to queue for hours with an endless stream of Bulgarians pushing in.

Overall - don’t expect too much - but this is a great cheap, fun resort.

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