Review of Whistler

4th July 2007 by Kimberley Carter 

I went with my family to Whistler in March this year, having been there once before some years ago.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten about the rain! During my latest visit it rained almost daily not just in the village but almost up to the midway station. Then I remembered that it had rained in the village on my first visit!! This time it rained even more, and so not only was there no snow at all in the village but the snow was soggy, and heavy on the lower slopes, and above the mid station some days it was like a blizzard. We didn’t have any fresh snow and we were there for ten days.

As I was a relative beginner on a snowboard (having changed from skiing) I needed some easy slopes and these seemed to be lower down and believe me it was pretty bleak, in the rain! But the problem was that there were not a lot of easy slopes to progress to higher up. The slopes that were supposedly meant to be green (easy slopes) most often had parts that were actually quite steep, and most definitely could not be classified as beginner level.

So, if you are going to Whistler (in March) be warned that it rains, and it rains a lot at times, and if you are a beginner, then this may not be the easiest place to learn.

Other than these two quibbles, it is an interesting place to experience. But would I go back again, no, probably not. Well, not in March.

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