Review of Verbier

3rd March 2008 by rolandbrowning 

We travelled to Verbier in the last week of February 2008. It had not snowed in 4 weeks and in Verbier town and the surrounding areas the snow cover was all but gone. This was an ominous start and I was expecting to find icy, thinly covered and exposed pistes but was amazed to find some excellent conditions both on and off piste. One of our party had been to Verbier before and told us of the incredible off piste but sadly we did not to get to see this as the conditions lower down were so poor. We ranged in our group from expert boarder to novice, with most being somewhere in the middle. Like any resort the quality of the boarding/skiing largely depends on the snow conditions and you could see that with better conditions Verbier could be amazing. However, with limited snow and conditions rapidly getting worse this is not the place for the meek. As for the town itself it was as expected, full of posers, fur coats and hooray’s. It has a bad reputation for being very expensive but we found that whilst this is true in some places I did not really see a difference from any other ski resort that I have been to. Overall with better conditions this place could be fantastic, the nightlife was good and overall a good time was had by all.

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