Review of Banff

7th May 2006 by Neal Langton 

Yes you need a shuttle bus to reach the resorts, but you drive through fantastic scenery. You do need to check on any conferences in town - we arrived as 2,000 left and we left as 1,500 Texans arrived. So a couple of nights the restaurants were very busy. With the shuttle buses, check with the transit co-ordinator as to running times. We found the buses ran earlier than the printed schedule, giving more time for the buffet breakfast at Louise before first lifts! At Sunshine the ski-out Banff Avenue gets very busy, better skiers can cut onto Lower Canyon, a quieter run although narrow at points. As for low temperature, that happens anywhere; just dress correctly. The lifties do a great job of checking you at bottom and top of lifts to make sure no flesh is exposed. The advantage of -30 is the locals stay away until it “warms up” so first tracks at two in the afternoon. All in all a great three resort in one location place.

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