Review of Canyons

10th March 2013 by carronbrae 

We only had one day at The Canyons, 3 at Park City and 1 at Deer Valley but The Canyons is the ski area I preferred of all 3. We stayed at Park City but we were less than half an hour from getting on the bus to actually skiing at The Canyons including queuing for a lift pass. The bus drops you at a hut where you get your ticket then go on a lift up to the centre of the resort. Really liked the orange bubble lift with heated seats! The Tombstone lift broke down for half an hour while we were there which was a problem as there is no other way to get back to the resort base without using that lift. It certainly seemed an extensive area and lots of quiet runs through some beautiful scenery. Took a hosted tour which was excellent and well worth it to try and get to grips with quite a complex lift system.

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