Review of Beaver Creek

19th April 2016 by Cozzy 

Just got back from our fifth visit to Beaver. It is expensive but we think it is worth it. The grooming is very good and even after five visits we could still find new runs to do as well as revisiting old favourites. Eating (or drinking) on the terrace at the Park Hyatt in the afternoon sunshine wrapped in a blanket is special. For a cheap meal go to the Blue Moose pizza place. Really good value and you can crayon on the table cloths to keep yourself and the children happy. Avoid Toscaninis by the ice rink and you will avoid an expensive and pretty poor meal - read Trip Advisor and you will get the drift. Excellent and free bus services around the resort, including going to Avon in the valley about 10 minutes away,if you want more restaurant choice and cheaper prices.

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