Review of Revelstoke

16th December 2015 by jjparis 

CAN’T SEE THE TOP, CAN’T SKI THE BOTTOM AND THE BIT IN THE MIDDLE IS PRETTY SOFT.  I just came back from a four day mid-December ski at Sunshine, Lake Louise and Revelstoke and Revelstoke definitely was the worst of the bunch.  The snow at Sunshine and Louise was terrific - -fresh powder and complete coverage on almost the entire mountain.  And the Banff resort is outstanding!  But the experience at Revelstoke was mixed at best.  You see, while you may get drawn in by the 5,600’ vertical, the base of Revelstoke is much, much lower than the Banff resorts.  The bottom third of the hill had patchy snow with one run open - - a cat track.  The middle third (the upper gondola section) had cover, but the snow was soft, wet.  The upper 2000’ of vertical was fabulous, but it is also the sector most subject to wind and weather.  On my first day, it offered wonderful powder, but on the second day the clouds socked in the summit making the top nearly a miserable sightless plunge.  All the locals I spoke to said the snow on the bottom is rarely good.  It rains frequently in town, as it did on this visit, which really does detract from the whole vibe of escaping to the snow for vacation.  After my second day, I drove back to Banff where I found the conditions at Lake Louise just as wonderful as they had been before heading to Revelstoke.  Banff’s base altitude is simply much higher, and the climate is noticeably colder.  Bottom line: try Revelstoke if you’re keen for that 2000’ of awesome snow and terrain at the top of the mountain, but don’t count on being able to enjoy the rest of the hill.

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