Review of Mayrhofen

14th March 2011 by Phil_g 

Visited Mayrhofen in early January this year, a little bit earlier than we did last year. It was a little bit busier due to Russian visitors and their later Xmas and New Year holidays. We usually have a competition to photograph the ‘worst’ ski outfit but with the Russians in town it was too easy! Am I allowed to say that in these PC times. Even with the additional numbers of locals at the weekend there was still plenty of space on the pistes. We chose to get out early even in January. That proved to be a good idea. Just after 9 am there was plenty of ‘cord’ to ski. Nice feeling being the first down a piste.

Having a car is a real advantage. I got a great deal with a hotel, the Gutshoff Zillertal, where they throw a car in for 20 euros (the cleaning fee). We drove up to Finkenberg avoiding all queues and walked straight onto the first lift. We chose to ski the sunny slopes for the first couple of hours. At that time of the morning the slopes in deep shadow were quite icy. Give them an hour or two and they are perfect.

As for general impression, there is plenty to keep most people amused. There are three of four excellent blacks, including Harikiri which is a hoot and plenty of entertaining reds although the runs are not very long. I can’t comment on off piste as I tend not to wander too far as I have only been skiing five years (but I ski five or six times a year). Mayrhofen is good for up to four days, after that you will be skiing the same slopes.

The town has a good selection of hotels, guest houses etc. My brother is something of a ‘cheapskate’ and managed to find a B&B (Dani?) for around 40 euros per night. It was clean, in the centre of town and perfectly acceptable. You can also find the spa, swimming pool type hotel and they come out at around 100 euros per night (plus a car!). Food is not expensive and the local brewery’s output is excellent. There’s a really good pizza place in town for around a tenner. Ask them which Austrian wine they would recommend (no, not for your car) and you can get perfectly acceptable bottles for 15 euros. The Gut Zillertal does good meals in a nice restaurant for 15 to 20 euros.

In summary, decent skiing, well managed pistes, some steep ones and all in a nice setting. Will probably be going back next year for the annual trip with my bros.

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