Alps forecast: 10 February

10th February 2011, by Fraser Wilkin

Forecast for noon on Sunday 13 February  [(c) Meteoblue - with permission]

Forecast for noon on Sunday 13 February [(c) Meteoblue - with permission]

Alpine forecast: Thursday 10 February


At long last the weather looks like it is turning a little more unsettled. Huge amounts of snow are not expected, but it will turn cooler everywhere next week with a few flurries in places.



Friday will see a lot of cloud, with a few light snow flurries (1400m) in the northern Alps, whilst southern areas will stay dry and mostly sunny. On Saturday, the greatest chance of showers shifts to the eastern Alps where snow could fall to 1000m or lower. Some western areas will stay dry with sunny spells, but it will feel colder everywhere. A few isolated showers are still possible on Sunday, but many places will stay dry.


Friday and Saturday should remain dry with plenty of sunshine and, although temperatures will start to fall a little, it will continue to feel quite mild. Many places will again stay dry on Sunday, but thicker cloud is likely later in the day with the odd shower possible (snow above 1300m). A few flurries may still affect the eastern Alps early on Sunday, but these should clear during the morning. Further west it should continue dry with sunny spells, though it will feel cooler than of late everywhere.


Friday will be dry and still quite mild with plenty of sunshine. Saturday will remain dry and bright in the western Italian Alps, but cloud will thicken in the Dolomites later with the chance of the odd snow flurry (1200m). A few flurries may still affect eastern parts early on Sunday, but most other areas will again stay dry with sunny spells.


Friday and Saturday should be mostly dry with sunny spells for all regions. On Sunday a few snow flurries (1200m) are forecast in eastern and south-eastern parts, but most places will stay dry with sunny spells. It will feel cooler, everywhere.


It will stay on cool side all next week and although some places will remain dry, a little snow is expected in places, chiefly in the west.

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Main picture: shows the forecast precipitation for Sunday 13 February 2011 at approx midday.

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