Alps forecast: 17 February

17th February 2011, by Fraser Wilkin

Forecast for noon on Sunday 17 February  [(c) Meteoblue - with permission]

Forecast for noon on Sunday 17 February [(c) Meteoblue - with permission]


The weather has at last turned more unsettled, though so far the only significant snow has been in the southern Alps. This should change next week when snow is forecast further north, but there is still some disagreement over how much there will be.


Friday and Saturday should be mostly dry, bright and relatively mild. On Saturday night, a weather front is expected to bring a little snow (1000m) to northern and western parts. This may linger into Sunday but will die out as it moves south-east.


Friday should be dry with sunny spells, though the odd snow shower is still possible in the far south. Saturday should also be mostly fine but cloud will increase from the west later to bring a little snow (1200m) overnight. Any snow (1000m) will clear early on Sunday with brighter skies expected later.


Friday and much of Saturday will be dry with sunny spells. On Saturday night, some snow (1000m) will arrive from the north-west and continue into Sunday, though southern parts will see little if any precipitation.


Friday will be fine with sunny spells in the western Italian Alps. Further east, a few snow showers (1000m) are still possible across the Dolomites at first, but here too, brighter skies are expected later. Saturday will be fine for all regions. Sunday will be cloudier in the west with a few flurries (1000m). Further east, it should stay dry, but cloud will thicken later and a few flurries cannot be ruled out.


The first part of next week looks unsettled with further snow at times, possibly significant for a time across the northern Alps. Later in the week the weather should start to settle down again.

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Main picture: shows the forecast precipitation for Sunday 17 February 2011 at approx midday.

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