Alps forecast update: 22 March

22nd March 2011, by Fraser Wilkin

Forecast for noon 24 March [Meteoblue]

Forecast for noon 24 March [Meteoblue]


Alpine update, 22 March

High pressure is centred across the Alps with lots of spring sunshine expected over the next few days. It will feel warm by day, with freezing levels exceeding 2500m, but at least the clear skies will allow a proper re-freeze each night. Cooler and cloudier conditions are likely over the weekend, with a few showers in places (snow above 1400-1800m), but warm and sunny weather should return to all parts next week.

Main forecast 15 March


It’s an unsettled picture this week with lots of snow for the southern Alps, transferring slowly north later. Lower down, however, some rain is also possible.


Lots of snow is excpected across the Italian Alps on Wednesday, heaviest in the far west (eg Sestriere) where it will fall to 1200 or so. Significant snow is forecast across the Dolomites too, though here the rain/snow limit will be a little higher. Some of this snow will spill over the border regions to affect resorts such as Val d’Isere, Zermatt and Obergurgl but northernmost parts should stay dry, rather cloudy and very mild.

On Thursday, the band of snow (1300-1600m) will edge further north with the heaviest falls expected in central/eastern Switzerland and south-western Austria. By Friday, the southern flank of the Alps should be dry but snow showers(1300-1500m) are expected to continue further north where it will feel a little cooler.


Changeable at first with a little rain or snow in places.

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Main picture: shows the forecast precipitation for Tuesday 15 March 2011 at approx midday.

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