Snow snippets: 16 Nov

16th November 2010, by Chris Gill

Engadin, Switzerland

Engadin, Switzerland

Here’s a quick snow flash: winter reappeared across parts of Europe overnight, after a dismally warm weekend for many Alpine areas. And it has been snowing hard in response – notably in Switzerland, which seems to be getting the best of it so far …

Zermatt was snow-free at Findeln yesterday

The snow has accumulated best in central-southern Switzerland, and in the eastern corner of Engadin and Graubunden – where it all looks delightfully white to valley level.

Elsewhere, the scene has been mixed: France is next best, with snowfall reaching more southerly resorts such as Alpe d’Huez. Austria is split: more snow in the west, which is good news for the glaciers; but some rain further east.

Snow made it to the Portes du Soleil (this is Champéry)

And it has been raining in Italy, although parts of the Brenta Dolomites were definitely seeing some snow when we looked today.

And here’s La Tania, France, getting a reasonable covering.

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